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Written by Jim Hicks   
Monday, 25 March 2013 00:00

Thanks to all 204 teams, school districts, media, and fans who helped make the 12th annual Spring Ice Breaker the absolute best event, ever.  It'll be very hard to top this in 2014.  But I'm optimistic we will keep the streak as the only non-tournament in the nation who has increased in teams during every single year of existence.


SUNDAY RECAP!  Click here to view all of SUNDAY'S SCORES !
One unique thing about the SIB is the option to cross pool certain match-ups that may be more appealing to the fans.  After viewing several of the teams exceed expectations, I stayed up late into the night shuffling the schedule in order to ensure certain match-ups transpired before this event concluded.  First thought was to pair the two Dallas based teams against each other.  However, coaches from Texas Select and Deron Williams Elite are expecting to meet the following weekend in a tournament and preferred to save that moment for their hometown fans.  The most dominant local team thru Saturday evening was the Houston Celtics, and I did manage to pair them against Deron Williams Elite.  That game went right down to the wire as the Celtics got the 58-55 win, thanks to big games from unsigned seniors Donovin Jones and Broderick Harris. 

San Antonio 210 Jayhawks put the hammer on GCBC Cagers feat. Yates HS duo Melvin Swift + JC Washington.  At one point the score was 39-9 before the Jayhawks cruised to the 59-40 victory.  Tanner Leissner led the charge with 16pts, and earned some ink on's website in the process (Reggie Rankin was court-side). 

A week removed from leading Dallas Triple A Academy to the 1A State Championship, Jeremiah Jefferson picked up where he left off.  The talented guard scored 34pts as Texas Select - Davis picked up a pair of wins over Killeen Elite and Baytown Cougars. 

The highly anticipated showdown between Texas PRO vs Texas Ball Hawks proved to be quite lopsided (67-46).  Despite having only 6 players suited up, Texas PRO proved to the Ball Hawks - there is a huge difference from 16u to 17u level of play.  Damien Day was the leading scorer (18pts) for TP. 

Everyone should officially be placed on warn - there are a pair of sleeper teams around the area with plenty to prove.  Basketball University Black completed an unbeaten run at the SIB.  They won three games over the Houston Clippers, Houston Cowboys, and Houston Force by a combined margin of 70pts. This squad features the returning nucleus of Houston Christian HS, Ashi Peters & Conner Kelly, but the player who shined the brightest this past weekend was Cameron Harvey.  GCBC - Bullet also went 3-0 at the SIB.  This team features a contingent of very good ball handlers mixed with skilled forwards.  Sophomore pgs Carver Hardy & Michael Gonzales both had stellar performances at the SIB.  I got chance to check out some of their action against Southern Prep on Sunday afternoon.  Texas City HS junior, Marquell Smith produced all 10 of his points in the decisive second half of the 50-37 win.

In the 16u Division, Team NOLA continued to accumulate wins over our premium squads.  A thrilling and intense battle over the Texas PRO 16u proved to simply be another notch in NOLA's belt.  No way I could let those guys leave town without facing the Houston Defenders - DJ (one of only 2 predominately tenth grade teams who were permitted to play in the 17u division).  Upon informing the NOLA coaches of their Sunday 9am date with the highly acclaimed Defenders, I joked that I might  bake 'em a berry pie - basketball slang for giving somebody exactly what they want.  Once again Melvin Frazier opened the game with an eye opening dunk, but the Defenders controlled the flow and matched the length of NOLA at pretty much every position.  The hometown favorite raced out to a four possession lead before NOLA charged back and forced overtime with a buzzer beating tip in.  The Louisiana bunch proceeded to knock off the Defenders in OT, and moments later the NOLA coaching staff text me, "Thanks for the experience!! We enjoyed the competition and the hospitality.  Next time we would prefer apple pies over berry pies... lol".

SUNDAY, March 17th :     17u DIVISION ONLY

Aldine Davis Ct. 1
9am       Woodlands Bulls (21)   Beaumont Hoopstars (20)  - half game due to tardiness
B:            Matt Gillette 6
BH:         Jared Hunter 9
10:10     Texas Select – Shawn (69)   Corpus Christi IBF (49)
T:            Myles Turner 16, Brocke Steptean 10, Devonte Bailey 10
C:            Matt Burke 14
11:20     Hstn Celtics (58)   Deron Williams Elite (55)
C:            Donovin Jones 14, Broderick Harris 14
D:            Erik Neal 11, Johnathan Turner 11
12:30     Hstn Hoopstars (60)   Corpus Christi IBF (48)
H:            Justin Jones 14, Markus Polk 13, Michael Flynn 12
C:            Abdullah Al-Bader 15, Ben Mammel 10
1:40        Basketball University Black (54)   Hstn Force (37)
B:            Elliott Taylor 10, Cameron Harvey 10
F:            Jaylen Norwood 10
2:50        ISTI All Stars (55)   Galveston Hornets (51)
I:             Pierre Sapr 14, Anbe Badji 12, Tony Olives 11
G:           Anthony Johnson 16, Ali Franklin 10
5:10        GCBC – Bullet (55)   S. Shore SB Panthers (35)
G:           Michael Gonzales 14, Carver Hardy 10
P:            Tyler Ginn 10

Aldine Davis Ct. 2
9:am      Texas Select – Davis (55)   Killeen Elite (43)
TS:          Jeremiah Jefferson 20,   Danta Hales 14
K:            Brian Long 12, Melvin Anthony 10
10:10     San Antonio GATA (65)   Hstn Fever (59)
S:            Jarred Thompson 14, Sterling Holmes 11, Matt Kallead 11
F:            Lord Akah 19, Trevion Roberson 10, Erik Rye 10
11:20     San Antonio 210 Jayhawks (59)   GCBC Cagers (40)
S:            Tanner Leissner 16, JaMichael Brown 14, Kendall Hayes 10
G:           Brandon Ettienne 8, Melvin Swift 8, Cameron Coleman 8
12:30     Texas Select – Davis (69)   Baytown Cougars (62)
TS:          Jaylen Fails 17, Jeremiah Jefferson 14, Matthew Bender 12
BC:         J. Cooper 19, J. Powell 12, C. Sylvia 10
1:40        Texas Select – Shawn (59)   L&S Airwalkers (39)
TS:          Nick Babb 13, Myles Turner 10, Byron Smith 10
L:             Marquis Bell 17
2:50        Texas PRO (67)   Texas Ball Hawks (46)
TP:          Damien Day 18, Zach Brown 16, Daryl Edwards 14, Devon Begley 10
BH:         Colton Weisbrod 17

Nimitz Court 1:
10:10     TNBA (55)   STX Outlaws (41)
T:            Ricky Rios 16, Richard Charles 13, Kyle Fitzgerald 11
STX:       Deon Ellis 11, John Pena 11
11:20     Hstn Cowboys (57)   Austin Next Level Cats (54)
C:            Kariem Jackson 14, Corey Scott 13, Jonathan Bradley 10
A:            Albert Almanza 18, Patrick Bullock 12, Adrian Williams 12
12:30     Hstn Clippers (55)   Texas Hoops (54)
C:            Luis Dunbar 18
TH:         Ryan Woods 15, Kevin Divisien. 15, Wesley Spencer 12
4p           TJ Ford 68   D Gib Hoops 53
T:            Jeff Robinson 17

Summer Creek Court 1:
11:20     Texas Ball Hawks (69)   Brazoria Ballers Elite (40)

BH:         Laquarius Page 17, David Broussard 14, Colton Weisbrod 11
BB:         Jaleen Smith 10, Malik Smalls 10               
12:30     Runnin Rebels (40)   Killeen Elite (39)
R:            Jhealan Wesley 8, Brandon Joseph 8
K:            Brian Long 15, Shane Johnson 10
1:40        Deron Williams Elite (42)   GCBC Cagers (40)
DW:       Cameron Coleman 10
G:           Derrick Neal 10
2:50        Hstn Defenders – Fray (53)   Hstn Superstars (36)
D:            Sadiq Inuwa 10, Ty Jordan 10
S:            Chris Harris 12
5:10        All 4 Sports Dream Team (53)   S. Shore Warriors Yellow (48)
A:            Trey Young 14, Sid Faggan 12
S:            Joseph Cooper 14, Solomon Berezin 11

Summer Creek Court 2:
9am       Awty (51)   Gladewater (38)
A:            Brayden Aguilera 23
G:           Daylon Gordon 7, Jordan Edwards 7, Malik Yulee 7
1:40        Hstn Sonics (56)   Hstn All Nets (44)
S:            Domnick Felix 16, Thomas Smith 12
N:           Jordan Celestine 16, Tre Grice 13
5:10        S. Post Oak Tigers (72)   Str8 Ballin (68)
SP:          Alan Long 19, Dimetri Anderson 13, Ryheem Malone 10
S8:          Grant McTier 17, Tyler Bess 12, Kheri Kendricks 11

Fall Brook:
3p           Franchize All Stars (63)   Hardballers (51)
F:            Stephaun Limuel 17, Omar Elmanasterly 12, Justin Hollins 10, David Griffin 10
H:            Carl Garcia 21, Cody Chaffin 10
3p           GCBC – Bullet (50)   Southern Prep (37)
G:           Carver Hardy 10, Marquell Smith 10
SP:          Triston Lopez 12
4:10        S. Shore Warriors Blue (48)   Hardballers II (42)
SS:          James Peek 10
H:            Juwan Ard 9

Aldine Davis HS and Summer Creek HS were rocking dually on Saturday.  GCBC - Bullet set the tone with an impressive 74-45 blasting of Cy Fair Heat.  The GCBC squad would go unbeaten through the entire weekend. 

The highly touted NOLA 16u squad from New Orleans pulled away from the Texas Ball Hawks, 58-40.  Long ultra athletic forward Melvin Frazier caught the attention of many on-lookers with his 19pt 11reb 6blk performance. 

Fans filled the gym to witness the Deron Williams Elite featuring the highly touted Neal twins against TJ Ford Basketball.  The intensity of this game was identical to a mid July summer ball event.  Both teams were going at each other.  BJ Jones had a great game for TJ Ford and they were enroute to claiming the win, but DerekNeal raced the length of the floor and connected a buzzer beating floater which provided D-Will Elite the 59-58 win.

Next up was another interesting matchup featuring a Dallas based team.  Myles Turner (24pts) had a feast on the low block as Texas Select knocked off Texas Ball Hawks / Louisiana Rockets 53-41. 

The state's tallest player, 7'4 Tacko Fall made his summer ball debut with the ISTI All Stars.  They suffered a 25pt loss against San Antonio GATA and bounced back a couple hours later to pick up a quality win over the Houston Fever (53-49).

Meanwhile, the Corpus Christi Islanders Basketball Foundation (IBF) shocked the Houston Defenders - DJ in overtime.  Speaking of shockers, how about D Gib bouncing back from the opening night loss - and catch fire against Houston Superstars (64-24).  No, that's not a typo.

After dropping their opener on Friday, the Houston Hoops 16u appeared to hit full stride vs LA Blue Chips Silver.  Christian James converted several high flying crushing dunks during the Hoops 75-26 victory!

The evening concluded with Houston Fever holding back the talented Rockstarz (60-51), Austin Next Level Cats put double digits on the Houston Clippers, and the San Antonio 210 Jayhawks over Houston Defenders - DJ (60-40).

SATURDAY, March 16th :     17u DIVISION ONLY

Aldine Davis Ct. 1
10:10   GCBC Bullet (74) Cy Fair Heat (45)
GC:      #4 Edward Stoneham 12pts, #33 Marquell Smith 12pts, #21 Michael Gonzales 10pts
CF:       #15 David Dudley 15pts
2:50     Killeen Elite (51) vs All 4 Sports Dream Team (39)
KE:       #15 Shane Johnson 17pts, #22 Brian Long 13pts, #1 Knigel Key 11pts
A4:       #3 Trey Young 12pts, #50 Alex Osemwegie 10pts
4:00     Deron Williams Elite (59) vs TJ Ford (58)
TN:       #3 Eric Neal 15pts, #1 Jeremy Combs 12pts, #21 Derek Neal 12pts, #5 DeAngelo Allen 12pts
TJF:      #15 BJ Jones 16pts
5:10     TX Select-Shawn (53) vs TX Ball Hawks (41)
TS:       #34 Myles Turner 24pts, #24 Byron Smith 11pts
TBH:    #24 Laquarious Page 13pts
6:20     L&S Airwalkers (62) vs Brazoria Ballers Elite (60)
LS:        #20 Donquince Burns 19pts, #15 Ardrey Wynn 13pts, #14 Michael Lavan 10pts
BBE:     #2 Malik Smalls 16pts, #4 Khory Ross 11pts
7:30     TX Pro (53) vs Hstn Defenders-Frey (48)
TP:       #15 Jonathan Wiley 19pts, #10 Zach Brown 11pts, #5 Darryl Edwards 11pts
HD:      #24 Jordan Green 20pts, #50 Sadiq Inuwa 10pts
8:40     Hstn Fever (60) vs Hstn Rockstarz (51)
HF:       #6 Lord Akah 19pts, #32 Erik Rye 12pts, #5 Trevion Roberson 11pts, #11 Marqueese Grayson 11pts
RS:       #24 Kerwin Roach 12pts, #5 Cory Burks 11 pts

Aldine Davis Ct. 2
9:am    Davis HS (59) Kingwood Park (46)
DHS:    #5 Taylor Pearson 10pts
KWP:    #0 Jaylen Henderson 11pts
12:30   Houstonians (61) STX Outlaws (26)
HSTN:  Drew Blake 14pts, Joshua Davis 13pts
2:50     Corpus IBF (55) Hstn Defenders-DJ (53)
IBF:      Paul Perez 23pts, Ben Mammel 11pts, Abdullah-Al-Bader 10pts
HDD:    Xavier Eaglin 10pts, Tory Wilridge 10pts
4:00     Brazoria Ballers Elite (55) Hstn Force (37)
BBE:     Khory Ross 16pts, Malik Smalls 12pts, Jaleen Smith 11pts
5:10     Basketball Univ Black 17u (69) Hstn Cowboys Black (61)
BBU:    Cameron Harvey 14pts, Devon Washington 11pts
HCB:    James Taylor 12pts, Cory Slaughter 10pts, Tai Jones 10pts, Ryan Heller 10 pts
6:20     South Post Oak Tigers 2014 (62) Hstn Cowboys Orange (54)
SPO:     Alan Long 16pts, Dimetri Amerson 13pts, Marc Williams 10pts
HCO:    Yuvi Kang 11pts
7:30     TX Running Rebels (46) TX Select-Davis (45)
TRR:     Cameron Odell 10pts, Jhealan Wesley 10pts
TSD:     Dennis Jones 13 pts, Simi Socks 10pts
8:40     TX GCBC Cagers (66) Hstn Cowboys Black (55)
TGC:    Cameron Coleman 20pts, JC Washington 14pts, Pat 10pts
HCB:    Josh Samuels 19pts, Ryan Heller 15pts

Nimitz Court 1:
5:10     Louisiana Blue Chips Elite (67)   Hardballers (35)
L:         Jordan Jacob 12
H:         Jules Woods 17
7:30     Louisiana Blue Chips Navy (56)   S. Shore Warriors Blue (52)
L:         Mitchell Trenchina 18, Jordan Jacob 15
S:         Darion Lindsay 12
8:40     Austin Next Level Cats (53)   Hstn Clippers (36)
A:         Ty Johnson 16, Adrian Williams 11
C:        Luis Dunbar 12

Summer Creek Court 1:
9am     Baytown Cougars (39)   S. Shore Warriors Yellow (36)
B:         Julian Powell 10
SS:        Tyquon Jordan 12
10:10   Team Stackz (65)   Hstn Nets (60)
S:         Willie Rooks 16, Tra Collins 14
N:         Tre Grice 14, Matthew Williams 12, Surda Celestine 11, Demauria Haywood 11
2:50     Houston Stealers (64) Beaumont Hoopstars (44)
S:         Joe Jared 19, Alec Jenkins 11, Cody Mason 10
B:         Tyrrell Pete 10
5:10     3T Elite – Will (60)   San Antonio GATA (55)
3T:       Juwan Kilgore 14, Donzel Henton 12, Deion Sidney 11
SA:       Matt Kallead 24 (6 treys)
6:20     Houston Hoopstars (72) San Antonio 210 Jayhawks (67)
H:         Markus Polk 15, Justin Jones 14, Ben White 10
SA:       Tanner Leissner 18, JaMichael Brown 14, Abrian Edwards 10
7:30     D Gib Hoops (64)   Hstn Superstars (24)
D:         Jay Hedgeman 15
S:         Chris Harris 7
8:40     San Antonio 210 Jayhawks (60) Hstn Defenders – DJ (40)

Summer Creek Court 2:
10:10   Basketball University Red (52)   Hardballers II (37)
B:         Stephen Parker 19, Allen Hedi 11
H:         Juwan Ard 12, Isaiah Green 10
1:40     San Antonio GATA (61)   ISTI All Stars (36)
SA:       Jarred Thompson 26 (7 treys), Chad Flowers 14
I:          Tony Olives 16, Tim Santee 10
4p        Hstn Celtics (59)   Southern Prep (27)
C:         Joseph Pillow 11, Broderick Harris 10
SP:       Terrance George 13
5:10     Rockstarz (71) Galveston Hornets (52)
R:         Fletcher Sherrod 17, Kerwin Roach 13, Corey Burks 13
G:         Moussa Khatib 10, Jeremiah Bethea 10
6:20     Woodlands Bulls (68) STX Outlaws (19)
W:        Jayden Holden 19, Donivan Greer 12
S:         Deon Ellis 6
7:30     Houston Stealers (56)   Houstonians (48)
S:         Joe Jared 15, Kyle Schnakenburg 14, Cody Mason 12
H:         Anietie Jack (AJ) 23

SIB Sr video: case-2013-Mavs-V-Celtics.aspx
SIB Sr Article: eID/33/SIB-Unsigned-Sr-Showcase-After-Thoughts-%E2%80%93-Part-1.aspx


The opening night of the Spring Ice Breaker featured a trio of highly anticipated grudge matches.  Last month Pearland HS floor general Devon Begley informed the D-Gib Hoops that he was leaving to join the Nike sponsored Texas PRO organization.  It's never easy for players to leave their long time friends and play on rival organizations, but in today's revolutionized era of summer ball the recruitment of players is year round.

As I comprised the schedule for opening night, I couldn't resist the opportunity to provide Begley with the chance to validate his decision.  I scheduled Texas PRO vs D Gib Hoops in a prime time matchup.  However, Texas PRO showed up this past weekend with only 5 guys in uniform.  Still, they proceeded to thump D-Gib 54-38.  Ex Klein Collins HS star, Zach Brown returned to Houston (he currently attends prep school on East Coast) and provided fans with a glimpse of his improved skill set.  The athletic wing was definitely a difference maker on this particular evening.  As for Begley, he is rapidly evolving into a bona-fide facilitator on the floor.  More importantly, teammates were willing to follow his lead.  Another bright spots for Texas PRO were Darryl Edwards 6'2 g (Dobie HS 2014) and Jonathan Wiley 6'5 w (St Pius 2014).  D Gib was paced by Leon Gilmore 6'7 f (Manvel HS 2014) with 11pts.  Gilmore was active but didn't take advantage of the opponent's thin interior defense.

Many of The Woodlands' top players are divided amongst two teams, Houston Stealers and The Woodlands Bulls.  Although many of the players are friends at school, the relationships are strictly business whenever they meet.  When the dust cleared, the Stealers got some good production from Shane Moran 6'0 g (The Woodlands HS 2014),  Chase Mason 6'4 f (The Woodlands HS 2014), and Zach Manning 5'10 pg (The Woodlands HS 2014) combined to produce 38pts while emerging with a hard fought 59-55 victory.  It is worth noting that both teams had roughly 7 players in uniform, and a rematch could be on the horizon.

Thirteen summers ago, TJ Ford maveled the country while playing with the Houston Superstars.  They are still coached by John Eurey (one of the most animated and vocal figures in all of summer basketball).  Ford recently retired from the NBA, and decided to become more involved with his TJ Ford youth basketball program.  It was only fitting to enhance TJ's debut as a summer coach with a game opposite Eurey's Houston Superstars.  The game itself was actually fun to watch.  The TJ Ford squad controlled most of the flow and held off a late rally to beat the Superstars, 60-50.  BJ Jones 6'5 pf (Bush HS 2014) led the way with an aggressive 17pts.

Other highlights on Friday evening included the return of Donivan Jones 6'3 f (Westbury HS 2013) aka the unsigned senior who scored 52pts in a high school game 3 months ago, leading the Houston Celtics over the Louisiana Blue Chips Elite.  The Houston Hoopstars got 18pts from Markus Polk as they opened the weekend with an impressive win against the Texas GCBC Cagers feat. Yates HS junior duo Melvin Swift (24pts) and JC Washington (16pts).  The Houston Defenders - DJ won the highly anticipated showdown vs Houston Hoops 16u.  In that game, the Hoops started off strong with a 16-3 lead highlighted by Jordan Hunter's (11 of his game high 25pts).  By halftime, the Defenders decreased the deficit to, 24-22, and proceeded to defeat the Hoops 54-41.

Aldine Davis Ct. 1
4pm     Aldine Davis (63) vs Pasadena HS (62)
AD:      #24 Jefferey 10pts, #00 Cameron 12pts, #17 Taylor 16pts
PH:      #45 Corey Martin 29pts
5:10     South Post Oak Tigers (56) Aldine Davis (40)
S:         #4 Dimeri Amerson 13pts, #15 Joshua Armstrong 11pts
AD:      #3 Brent Randall 14pts
7:30     Hardballers (50) vs LA Blue Chips (61)
H:        #11 Myles Rice 11pts, #10 Carl Garcia 16pts
LA:       #5 Ryan Rucker 14pts, #1 Byron Simon 20pts
8:40     Houston Celtics (73) vs LA Blue Chips Elite (69)
HC:      #1 Donivan Jones 15pts, #5 Brodrick Harris 12 pts, #24 Marcellous Green 12pts
LA:       # 35 George Brister 11pts, #32 Prince McDaniel 10pts, #1 Kaelen Malone 13pts, #44 L. Mancusso 10pts
Aldine Davis Ct. 2
4pm     Houston Cowboys Black (42) vs Houston Defenders-Fray (60)
CB:       #1 Jerome  Segura 17pts
DF:      #24 Jordan Green 10pts
5:10     Houston Cowboys (55) vs Str8 Ballin (41)
HC:      # 14 Khalil 10pts, #44 Javon 12pts
SB:       #21 Mike Greene 18pts
7:30     Houston Hoopstars 17u (82) vs GCBC-Cagers (75)
HH:      #10 Braylin Simmons 10pts, #25 Marcus Polk 18pts, #34 Barigaly Kaba 12pts, #45 Ben White 14pts
GC:      #0 Melvin Swift 24pts,  #1 Cameron Coleman 17pts,  #30 JC Washington 16pts,  #3 Brandon Etienne 13pts
8:40     Rockstars (57) vs 3T Will (53)
RS:       #0 Fletcher Sherrod 14pts, #24 Kerwin Roach 10pts, #33 15pts
3T:       #21 Sidney 22pts

Plummer MS Court 1:
4pm     3T Elite Ford (14) vs Houston Lady Fast Breakers (45)
FB:       #22 Ekiya Gray 13pts
5:10     God First Crusaders (35) vs Spring City Elite (61)
SCE:     #21 Knox Hellums 10pts, #24 Blake Chephus 15pts
6:20     TNBA Love (44) vs Dirty Bay 14u (59)
TL:       #21 Jackson Carroll 14pts, #32 Eric Linberg 13pts
DB:      #20 Miles Duke 25pts, #50 JJ Mitchell 12pts
7:30     TNBA 15u (20) vs Defenders –Johnson (83)
DJ:       #3 Rashon Thomas 11pts, #13 JR Adams 11pts, #20 Charles Williams 12pts, #23 Zach Bowman 17pts 
8:40     God First Black 14u (69) vs Running Gators Select (67)
GF:      #3 Amar Bhojan 19pts, #23 Jubille Akputa 17pts, #21 Clayton Ford 16pts

Plummer MS Court 2:
4pm     Spring City Ballers (52) vs Hstn Next Pro (56)
SCB:     #3 Darriel Wheaters 12pts
NP:      #2 Cliff Guidry 11pts, #23 Titus Perry 11pts
5:10     I-Rise 13u (57) vs Baytown Saints (56)
IR:       # 13 Jefferson 11pts, #1 Ford 19pts
BS:       #3 Nathan 12pts, #24 Claudius 13pts, #44 Victor 12pts
6:20     God First Crusaders (45) vs Hstn Next Pro
GF:      #7 Armani Crosby 13pts
NP:      #20 Randy Mack 13pts, #25 Jaylen Merrit 15pts
8:40     Varsity Legends (57) vs Angleton Knights (33)
VL:       # 2 Ricky Lax 10pts, #5 Jaylen Preston 14pts
AK:       #33 JR 10pts, #13 Christian 10pts

Nimitz Court 1:
4pm     Running Rebels (58) vs S. Shore Warriors Yellow (44)
RR:      #23 Jhealan Wesley 15pts
SW:     #32 T. Jordan 11pts
5:10     S. Shore Warriors Blue (41) vs Basketball University Red (39)
SW:     #15 D. West 13pts
BU:      #3 Dylan 11pts, #31 Chris Poe 11pts
6:20     Houston Clippers (35) vs Basketball University Black (71)
BU:      #10 James 10pts
7:30     Woodland Bulls (55) vs Hstn Stealers (59)
WB:     # 5 Donivan Greer 24pts, #32 Newman 11pts
HS:      #2 Shane Moran 15 pts, #22 Zach Manning 11pts, #23 Chase Mason 12pts         
8:40     Houston Force (57) vs LS AirWalkers (62)
HF:      #7 Jessie Searmen 11pts, #17 Jaylen Norwood 13pts, #10 Jordan Gillon 14pts
LS:       #0 Winn 16pts, #12 Tanner 17pts, #20 Burns 14pts, #33 Gabriel 12pts

Nimitz Court 2:
4pm     Basketball Univ. Black 13u (55) vs Houston Force 13u (16)
BU:      #1 T. Wesley 11 pts, #4 M. Roberts 12pts, #10 K. Slater 10pts
5:10     TX Pro 13u (43) vs GCBC-Richardson (51)
TP:       #5 Sheppard 12pts
GR:      #6 T. Singleton 11pts, #9 Anderson Kopp 12pts
6:20     AWTY (38) vs Kingwood Pak (59)
A:         #6 Arasson 10pts
KP:       #4 A. Evans 15pts, #10 G. Moore 17pts, #11 Nick Oakes 21 pts
7:30     A Level 13 (37) vs Houston Phenoms (77)
AL:       #15 Hill 10pts, #35 Lewis 11pts
HP:      #0 Pierce 23pts, #1 Nigel 21 pts    
8:40     A-Level Eagles (66) vs Houston Hoops 14 (67)
AL:       #24 Taj Simmons 13pts, #33 Isiah Longino 14pts, #6 Eric
HH:      #21 . Vallien 11pts, #44 D. tibbs 12pts, #26 Lamar 10pts

Plummer MS Court 2:
4pm     Spring City Ballers (52) vs Hstn Next Pro (56)
SCB:     #3 Darriel Wheaters 12pts
NP:      #2 Cliff Guidry 11pts, #23 Titus Perry 11pts
5:10     I-Rise 13u (57) vs Baytown Saints (56)
IR:       # 13 Jefferson 11pts, #1 Ford 19pts
BS:       #3 Nathan 12pts, #24 Claudius 13pts, #44 Victor 12pts
6:20     God First Crusaders (45) vs Hstn Next Pro
GF:      #7 Armani Crosby 13pts
NP:      #20 Randy Mack 13pts, #25 Jaylen Merrit 15pts
8:40     Varsity Legends (57) vs Angleton Knights (33)
VL:       # 2 Ricky Lax 10pts, #5 Jaylen Preston 14pts
AK:       #33 JR 10pts, #13 Christian 10pts

Summer Creek Court 1:
4pm     Houston Sonics (53) vs Team Stackz (70)
HS:      #23 Thomas Smith 19pts

TS:       #32 Trey Collins 27pts, #23 Maydi Shabazz 14pts, #2 Darius Reed 10pts
5:10     Houstonians (38) vs TNBA (27)
H:        #11 Drew Blake 11pts

T:         #4 Charles Richards 10pts
6:20     Defenders-DJ (54) vs Houston Hoops 16u (41)
D:        #4 Quez Letcher 13pts, #15 Tory Willdridge 11pts

H:        #1 Jordan Hunter 23pts
7:30     Texas Pro (54) vs D-Gib Hoops (38)
TP:       #5 Darryl Edwards 16pts, #10 Zach Brown 20pts

DG:      #3 Leon Gilmore 11pts
8:40     Superstars (50) vs TJ Ford Elite (60)
S:         #11 Chris Idi 14pts, #2 Deon Baldwin 10pts

TJ:        #41 Frank Iheanacho 14pts, #15 BJ Jones 17pts
Summer Creek Court 2:
5:10     Baytown Cougars (67) vs All 4 Sports (58)
BC:       #10 Javonte Cooper 16pts, #23 Julian Powell 11pts, #45 Darius Jones 18pts

AS:       #13 I. Faggans 27pts, #44 C. Malagra 13pts
6:20     Texas Hoops (34) vs Houston Nets (55)
TH:      # 3 Kevin 11pts, # 7 Savo 10pts

HN:      #1 T 17pts, #7 J. Celestine 14pts
7:30     Cy Fair Heat (64) vs S. Shore SB Panthers (33)
CF:       #5 Ty 16pts, #15 David 15pts

8:40     Corpus IBF (65) vs All 4 Sports (49)
C:         #23 Brian 12pts, #5 Troy 11pts, #10 Ben 11pts

A:         #3 Trey Young 11pts, #11 J. High 11pts, #1 Corey Alpough 10pts
The Gym Court 1:
4pm     Houston Havoc (42) vs GCBC-Humble (60)
GCBC:  #1 Joe Byrd 15pts, #14 Rico Benny 17pts

5:10     3t Elite 15u (42) vs GCBC-Tony (59)
3T:       #1 Tremond Francis 11pts,

GCBC:  #1 TC Whiteing 20pts, #6 DJ Jemerson 11 pts
6:20     3t Elite Marks 16u (64) vs TX Showcase 16u (53)
3T:       #12 Grant Mathews 21pts, #11 Cole 18pts

TS:       #5 Lorenzo P. 10pts, #35 Cordell H. 11pts, #23 Daquarius T. 16 pts
7:30     Eastside Ballers  (61) vs Total Package (46)
EB:       #24 Robert Glover 15pts

TP:       #7 Jaden Thomas 14pts, # 45 Christian Allen 14 pts
8:40     Houston Elite (44) vs Lake Houston (42)
HE:      # 5 Doc Nelson 14pts

The Gym Court 2:
4pm     I-Rise Stars (59) vs All 4 Sports 16u(39)
IR:       #12 Chase 15pts, #6 Duon 14pts, #15 Torey 13pts

AS:       #44 Lance Johnson 10pts
5:10     Lake Houston Stars (65) vs Westside Force (62)
LH:       # 23 Brandon 14pts, #7 Charles Hen 13pts, #3 Stephen Moore 10pts

WF:     # 5 Zach 15pts, #7 KJ 12 pts, #35 Tyrus 17pts
6:20     Bayou City Bulls (48) vs I-Rise 14u (45)
BCB:    #20 Caleb 20pts, #23 14pts

IR:       # 35 Freddie Ricks 12pts, #2 AJ Dross 18pts
7:30     Houston Clique (62) vs Sheldon Panthers (55)
HC:      # 4 Chad Bowie 18pts, #44 Ryan Biggers 12 pts

SP:       # 1 Fred Reeves 15pts
8:40     TNBA 2017 (69) vs MOVAN Hoops (49)
T:         #3 Cody Graham 20pts, #4 Devon Boone 17pts, #15 Cameron Adams 16pts     

MH:     #4 Nowlin 14pts, #10 Clark 18pts
The Gym Court 3:
4pm     TxPro 16u (61) vs NW Cougars (42)
IR:       #12 Chase 15pts, #6 Duon 14pts, #15 Torey 13pts

AS:       #44 Koby 10pts
5:10     NW Cougars (31) vs All 4 Sports (32)
A:         Andrew Hamm 10pts

6:20     All 4 Sports 16u (38) vs South Shore Warriors Yellow 16u (49)
AS:       #44 Lance Johnson 13pts

SS:       #42 Justin 11pts, #30 Elijah 15pts
7:30     TX Dream Team (56) vs All 4 Sports (50)
DT:      # 13 DJ King 10pts, #22 Matt Gresko 21 pts

AS:       # 32 Randy Joseph -18pts, Andrew Hamm 12
8:40     Houston Hoops Red (57) vs TX Dream Team (34)
HH:      # 15 D. George 11pts, #31 Jeremy Sneed 13pts

DT:      # 22 11pts
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