Be honest with yourself for a second... Do you really believe that one person can get a proper evaluation of over 200 campers playing 8 games at the same time, with only 4 hours to do so?  Well that's about how much court time it took for the sixteen teams to play four games during the two day span of the International Middle School Combine (directed by John Lucas), held this past weekend at the Legends Sports Complex located at the border of Spring and The Woodlands.  

Yes it is very well possible to accumulate a few evaluations of the players, but for all 218 campers... not hardly.  This is why I established the most accurate overall system which can help get the most respectable list of top performers from IMSC.  Simple... I approached the 16 camp coaches and requested their team's 3 best performers (skill stations and games combined) throughout the two days.  The camp coaches are must closer to the campers than any of us in attendance.  Besides, they know which players were responsive to their instructions, which players executed the drill stations properly, and which players simply "balled out" during the games.

These players were selected by the camp coaches who picked 3 per team for a total of 48!  There are 22 states represented on the All Camp Team.  Texas produced a remarkable 13 names, followed by California, Illinois, Maryland and Tennessee with 3 each. Also note that 12 of the 48 names are from the Class of 2021 (7th graders).  This means, the future is bright and next year's camp could be one of the best in history.

5 141 Adam Miller 6'1 Peoria, IL 2020
6 133 Allen Adenadu 6'9 Nashville, TN 2020
1 212 Anthony Hoggard 6'2 Coatesville, PA 2020
4 143 Austin Andrews 6'4 Monticello, MN 2020
7 130 Cameron Byers 6'6 Baltimore, MD 2020
14 154 Cameron Oliver 5'11 Richmond, TX 2021
8 85 Cameron Thomas 6'0 Chesapeke, VA 2020
7 43 Chance Felix 5'6 San Antonio, TX 2021
14 52 Charles Wilson 5'11 Pearland, TX 2021
12 185 Christopher Harris 5'6 Rosenburg, TX 2020
9 125 Colby Tanner 5'1 Abiline, TX 2020
9 126 Corey Smooth 6'0 Slidell, LA 2020
11 215 Dareyon Davis 5'10 Moreno Valley, CA 2020
11 209 DJ Stewart 5'10 Sugar Land, TX 2020
16 177 Drake Muller 5'11 Cedar Hill, TX 2020
5 88 Ethan Morton 6'3 Butler, PA 2020
16 41 Frank Gilliam 5'9 St. Petersburg, FL 2020
6 68 Gary Grant 6'4 Queens, NY 2020
3 50 Greg Brown 6'6 Austin, TX 2020
8 94 Hunter Dickinson 6'11 Bethesda, MD 2020
15 110 Isaac Henry 5'4 West Plains, MO 2021
9 178 Isaiah Kennedy 5'11 Beavercreek, OH 2020
1 78 Jabri Abdur - Rahim 6'6 Granite Bay, CA 2020
12 19 Javonte Platt 5'10 Smyrna, TN 2020
6 22 / 0 Joe Bamisile 6'1 Richmond, VA 2020
5 113 Jonathan Jackson 6'3 Lawrence, KS 2020
4 33 Jordan Burch 6'5 Florence, SC 2020
10 165 Joshua Joiner 5'9 Chicago, IL 2020
10 34 Juan Reyna 6'0 San Antonio, TX 2020
16 1 Kareem Swan 5'8 Hamilton, OH 2021
2 169 Keon Henderson 5'7 Detroit, MI 2021
3 190 LJ Cryer 5'11 Katy, TX 2020
2 114 Luke Murphy 5'10 Westport, CT 2021
7 15 Lynn Greer 6'0 Marlton, NJ 2020
10 76 Maddox Kopp 5'9 Houston, TX 2021
14 95 Marquez Lewis 6'1 Mauldin, SC 2020
4 202 Micah Peavy 6'4 Houston, TX 2020
1 162 Myles Stute 6'5 Washington, DC 2020
11 28 Nicholaus Council 5'9 Vicksburg, MS 2020
15 109 Paolo Banchero 6'2 Seattle, WA 2021
13 25 Phillip Edwards 6'2 Springfield, IL 2020
13 23 Robby Beasley 6'1 Dublin, CA 2020
2 211 Terrance Williams 6'5 Oxon Hill, MD 2020
3 167 Trey Hall 6'7 Glastonbury, CT 2020
12 96 Tyler Webb 6'0 Waco, TX 2021
13 63 Tyrese Johnson 5'11 New Orleans, LA 2021
15 71 Zen Glenn 6'0 Atlanta, GA 2020
8 70 Zion Harmon 5'8 Nashville, TN 2021





































International Middle School Combine:  DAY ONE RECAP!  (By: Alex Pugh, Rcs Sports)
The John Lucas has done it again! This weekend he is hosting the annual International Middle School Combine.  A two day went, taking place in The Woodlands, at Legends Sports Complex. Obviously, a large percentage of the young men participating are from Texas, but the combine also includes players from just about everywhere. Plus, with this combine being a John Lucas Enterprises event... the parents, players, evaluators, and just about everyone in the building are expecting high level of input from the campers.  

Some of the Evaluators in the building included…
BJ Johnson,  USA Basketball
Van Coleman, an NBA Top 100 and McDonald’s voter.
Clark Francis, representing “Hoop Scoop” and also a McDonald’s voter.

Dain Ervin, BI report and Nike Grassroots Basketball.
Chad Babel,  Nike Grassroots Basketball
Tate Johnson, NBA Top 100 voter

Nick Milosevic Top 100 Talent

The first day is long as players go through a variety of different learning stations and game scenarios. There is a lot of teaching taking place, so players must receive and learn on the fly, but those who listening in great detail, receive the answer to HOW, as well as an understanding for WHY, but it all can’t be so easy.  The stations increase in both difficulty and competitiveness, so the campers must apply and “figure out” WHEN (to use these teachings in a most effective manner).

No doubt about it, I was in there to see exactly what “high level” middle school aged players look like, and indeed I was surprised. A few Greater Houston standouts from Saturday include:
    L.J. Cryer (Morton Ranch Junior High) - speed and scoring instincts, on display

    Micah Peavy (St. George Episcopal) - guard abilities, and versatility to contribute in a variety of ways, on display.
    Christopher Harris Jr. (Dulles MS) - speed, handle, and play making abilities, on display.
    Miles Goodman (Fort Settlement MS) - understanding of the game and, shooting ability, on display.
    EJ Jones (Know Jr High) - length, mobility, and potential as rim protector, on display.
    Camdron Clardy (Thornton MS) - tenacity defensively, and competitiveness, on display
   *Greg Brown III(Brentwood Christian School) –arguably the best player in the entire event. Length, athleticism, and wing scoring abilities, on FULL display.

With Sunday being a special day within itself (Mother’s Day) the action should definitely be epic. Primarily, the last few hours for players to showcase abilities and compete in front of evaluators should be very telling; I look forward to seeing more of what the city has to offer in the 2020 and 2021 class.

Be sure to follow Alex Pugh on twitter  @MoneyBall_AP