MS School Boys

Coaches and Teams,

We realize and understand that many participating teams are dealing with the after effects from this Arctic Storm. This means, many parents will enter the weekend without a consistent flow of electricity or water in their homes. Thus, there dwells a much more important need to remain home (instead of - in a gymnasium) while striving to get their lives back to normal.

Although this weekend is projected to be clear skies, that does not present us with a clear mind and heart to proceed with this event. At this point, there is only one right decision - we must postpone the Middle School City Championship until next weekend.

The event wll now take place February 27 - 28th! 
The schedule will be removed from the app, but expect the revised version to be posted Monday.

Please share this message with your basketball family.

Thanks for your patience,
Jim Hicks (713-539-1067)