• Doc Nelson goes to the Rack
    Doc Nelson goes to the Rack Elite Goes 3-0 in SIB Showcase
  • Franchize TBAC  Makes Noise
    Franchize TBAC Makes Noise Ice Breaker Friday Exceed Expectations
  • MAX gets the And 1
    MAX gets the And 1 Maxwell Evans is NOT to be Denied
  • The Defenders ATTACK!
    The Defenders ATTACK! Greg Shead goes hard to the rack
  • Mongo Denies Herard's Dunk
    Mongo Denies Herard's Dunk Defenders Wins the SIB 17u Platinum
  • Jarrett Allen Defends!!!
    Jarrett Allen Defends!!! Texas PRO takes the Hoopstars
  • FOX SLAMS!!!!
    FOX SLAMS!!!! Cy Lakes beats Seven Lakes 57-43
  • Ozen 5a Regional Champs!
    Ozen 5a Regional Champs! Ozen gets past Madison & Central


The SPRING RANKINGS will be comprised within the next 48 hours.  This means ballots will go out, get returned, and be calculated in record time.  I'm asking every high school and summer coach out there to email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) any names of players who have shined the brightest on your teams.  Just because a player made all district, leads your particular team in a category, or has a mix-tape floating online does NOT mean he is one of the area's Top 50 players.  You and I both know - there are many kids who are currently ranked, yet have no business being there.  Some of you grown ups need to stop lying to these young men (they can handle the truth).  This is the perfect chance to provide proof and help out some deserving young man to increase his exposure a great deal.

Texas PRO, Houston Hoopstars, M&E Elite, Franchize All Stars, and GCBC Bullet took 1st place in various tournaments this past weekend.  I'll share some of my After-Thoughts!

Rick Barnes is out at Texas.  I'll tell you where he's headed and guess who may be the front runner for this gig?

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Off Da Hook Recap (Doug Jones, Rcssports)

This past weekend I was present at the Off Da Hook Tournament given by Brian Jolivette and staff. Brian has always thrown first class tournaments and this one was no different. The Gym was rocking all weekend with loud crowds and tough competitive games. I will give a recap of the championship game as well as teams and players who made an impression on me this weekend.

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Let me start off by saying that the 2015 Rcssports Spring Icebreaker was off the chain! We want to thank all the teams and fans that came out and supported the event, we really appreciate you all. Over 250 teams took the floor over the three day event, and by judging what I saw, the city of Houston, surrounding areas, and state of Texas has some great basketball to look forward to over the next 4 months. I will provide the teams and players who caught my eye at the games I was in attendance.

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(all games @ AlamoDome in SA)

THURSDAY (March 12, 2015)

8:30 am 1A Lenorah Grady (31-4) def  Calvert
10:00 am 1A Texline (34-3) def  Graford
1:30 pm 3A Brock (36-2) def  Kountze
3:00 pm 3A Universal City Randolph (31-3) def  Childress
7:00 pm 5A  Lancaster def  El Paso Andress
8:30 pm 5A Beaumont Ozen (33-3) def  Cedar Park

FRIDAY  (March 13th)

8:30 am 2A Dallardsville Big Sandy (38-3)  def  Schulenburg
10:00 am 2A Canadian (20-1) def  Martin’s Mill
1:30 pm 4A Bridgeport (34-4) def  Dallas Madison
3:00 pm 4A Houston Sterling (31-5) def  La Marque
7:00 pm 6A Plano West (32-2) def  Irving MacArthur
8:30 pm 6A Houston Clear Lake (35-2) def Schertz Clemens

SATURDAY  (March 14th)

8:30     1A   Texline def Lenorah Grady
10am    3A  Brock def  Randolph
1:30      2A  Canadian def Big Sandy
3pm      5A  Lancaster  def  Beaumont Ozen
7pm      4A  Bridgeport  def  Hou Sterling
8:30      6A  Plano West  def  Clear Lake
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2015 #5 Jordon Hunter Beaumont Ozen
2015 #10 Curtlon Wesley Sterling
2015 #23 Christian West Clear Lake
2015 #32 Christian Bolton Beaumont Ozen
2015 #70 Joshua Young Sterling
2015 #80 Bradley George Clear Lake
2015 #85 Orion Lewis Clear Lake
2015 #93 Avery Ragland Sterling
2016 #53 John Comeaux Beaumont Ozen
2016 #64 Joshua Boyd Beaumont Ozen
2018 #20 Jalen Sneed Beaumont Ozen


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