• Defenders AJ
    Defenders AJ 2015 Texas Classic 15U White Div. Champs
  • Team Texas Houston
    Team Texas Houston 2015 Texas Classic 15u Red Div. Champs!
  • Houston Lynx Blue
    Houston Lynx Blue 2015 Texas Classic White Div. Champs
  • All 4 Sports Dream Team
    All 4 Sports Dream Team 2015 Texas Classic Red Div Champs!
  • Gulf Coast Blue Chips - Bullet
    Gulf Coast Blue Chips - Bullet 2015 Texas Classic Red Div Champs!
  • Houston Kingz James
    Houston Kingz James 2015 Texas Classic Yellow Div. Champs!
  • Brazoria Ballers
    Brazoria Ballers 2015 Texas Classic Blue Div. Champs


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The 12th Annual G.M.I. (George McClellan Invitational) will take place July 10-12th at The GYM, North Shore HS, Channelview HS and surrounding area schools.  The GMI is widely regarded as one of the nation's most reputable tournaments held during the JULY LIVE PERIOD.  Here's a bit of advice, simply ask various college coaches about the GMI, and you will be convinced - this event is about as good as it gets.  Pool games will start on Friday afternoon, bracket play igniting on Saturday evening and everything is scheduled to conclude Sunday afternoon. 

RcsSports will be covering this event from beginning to end.     CLICK HERE >>> RESERVE YOUR TEAM SLOT - 


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-  Guess which sneaker team has parted ways with not one but two ranked players?

-   Check out what a local summer coach said to Jim Hicks!

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Weekend Preview (Doug Jones, Rcssports)

Friday will kick off the prestigious Kingwood Classic hosted by Bigfoot Hoops. A total of 342 teams in 10 age groups, including 105 in 17u will compete over the three day event, in front of dozens of college coached and hundreds of spectators. The event will host teams throughout Texas, as well as Louisiana, Oklahoma, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Nevada, California, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. For people who don’t understand, this was the premier event before all the different leagues by the shoe companies. I remember one year when the Kingwood Classic had 753 teams and it was the “Who’s Who” of top prospects and college coaches. This is a very important weekend for several prospects, to either continue their strong play, or make a name for themselves. The previous two days we have provided some teams and players who can boost or hurt their stock this weekend. A couple more are Prep Stars Elite with kids like Collin Means, Nick Hernandez, Rashadre Wilson and Kyre Edwards. Houston Rockstarz with kids like the Robinson twins and Brandon Loville, and a host of others. It should be a fun weekend on the north side of town, I know I’m excited and speaking with one particular summer coach, he was so excited Monday, he said he wanted to go set up a tent and camp outside the MI3 Center!!! Speaking of the MI3 Center, that is the tournament headquarters. 

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(all games @ AlamoDome in SA)

THURSDAY (March 12, 2015)

8:30 am 1A Lenorah Grady (31-4) def  Calvert
10:00 am 1A Texline (34-3) def  Graford
1:30 pm 3A Brock (36-2) def  Kountze
3:00 pm 3A Universal City Randolph (31-3) def  Childress
7:00 pm 5A  Lancaster def  El Paso Andress
8:30 pm 5A Beaumont Ozen (33-3) def  Cedar Park

FRIDAY  (March 13th)

8:30 am 2A Dallardsville Big Sandy (38-3)  def  Schulenburg
10:00 am 2A Canadian (20-1) def  Martin’s Mill
1:30 pm 4A Bridgeport (34-4) def  Dallas Madison
3:00 pm 4A Houston Sterling (31-5) def  La Marque
7:00 pm 6A Plano West (32-2) def  Irving MacArthur
8:30 pm 6A Houston Clear Lake (35-2) def Schertz Clemens

SATURDAY  (March 14th)

8:30     1A   Texline def Lenorah Grady
10am    3A  Brock def  Randolph
1:30      2A  Canadian def Big Sandy
3pm      5A  Lancaster  def  Beaumont Ozen
7pm      4A  Bridgeport  def  Hou Sterling
8:30      6A  Plano West  def  Clear Lake
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